Solution To A Blocked Online Casino Account

Creating an online account to gamble in online casino sites is extremely hassle-free. However, it is important on your part to read the rules and regulations associated with creating an account on such gaming platforms. We generally do not tend to read the rules thoroughly, and that is where we make a mistake. As online casinos are programmed technically with less manual interference in operation, therefore, they fail to distinguish between you breaking a rule with intention or without intention. Apart from rule violation, there can be other handling issues, which have to lead your online account to blockage. These include login failures, mismatch in verification, detection of duplicate or fake accounts, or gambling age criteria unmatched.

The Solution

Whatever the reason may be, to unblock an online casino account, we should try out the following mentioned steps:

  • The very first and obvious solution is to contact the customer support service of a specific online casino describing the issue you are facing. If they provide a live chat facility, then make use of it.


  • While talking to the customer care executive, always keep your temper at check because arguing and indulging into a fight will not help at all.


  • If you have login issue, then they can provide new or existing credentials to your registered email address, which will eventually resolve the issue.


  • If your account is blocked due to complex reasons, you can file a complaint describing the issue related to your account under the given complaint filing procedure of a specific casino. It may take up a few days, but the matter will get resolved if no legal breaching occurred from your end.

Therefore, it is advisable that how excited you may be to start your gambling experience, read and understand the gaming policies prior to creating an account as a gambler.

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