How are live dealer games different?

Live dealer games are virtual versions of actual casino games played for real. They are the ideal digital replication of poker, baccarat and slots, among others.

Online gaming sites like 2BCasino host many games. There are popular casino games that can be played with real money. There are free versions of the same games. A site may also host non-gambling games. Almost all online casino games can be classified into two categories. One is where a player is pitted against other programs. The other is when a player is pitted against real people. Whether or not a player is pitted against fellow humans, there is a dealer and this may be a program or an actual person. Live dealer games are usually played by humans and regulated by humans. There are no programs controlling the dealing and other aspects of the game. However, there are exceptions wherein live dealer games are played among human players but the dealing is facilitated by an algorithm or software.


  • Live dealer games have a few differentiating features compared to typical casino games played online that are regulated by algorithms. The handling of the deck of cards is done by a human. The shuffling and dealing the cards is a physical process. However, contemporary versions of live dealer games, such as some available on 2BCasino, are played in real time but the handling of cards and regulating the play are done by a program. Since the program is operating live and everyone is playing in real time, these are also referred to as live dealer games.


  • If a game is played between one or a few humans and other programs then it is not a live dealer option. All players have to be humans. The dealing has to be live and in real time. The time limits available to wager bets should be equal and regulated without any partiality. For instance, if a program is at play then it can always make faster moves compared to a human. Mathematical calculations such as those associated with poker and baccarat can be done much faster by a program than a human brain. Thus, time limits are rather irrelevant when a human is playing against a machine, program, algorithm or software.


  • Live dealer games also have varying minimum and maximum bets. The house rules may be distinct compared to the normal versions. Live dealer games at 2BCasino also tend to have greater rewards as multiple human players wager real money so the house can give away better prizes.

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