Are most electronic slot machines rigged?

It’s a common myth that electronic slot machines are rigged. They are, but not in the way you think.

Mention that you’re going to the casino and invariably, someone will warn you that the slot machines are rigged. Poker Online explores where this misconception comes from and how wins and losses are really determined


What is a Random Number Generator (RNG)?


Walk through any casino and you will see players rubbing the reels of the slot machines for luck. The cold, hard truth is that whether you win or lose at electronic slot machines has nothing to do with luck.


All slot machines – both the ones in traditional, physical casinos or online casinos – use a random number generator that determines the outcome of the reels before you even make your bet.


RNGs involve complex mathematical probabilities and computer software to generate random numbers (or cards, dice, etc.) to fill the slot machine reels. Most electric slot machines have between three and five reels.


Winning reels typically have to be on the same line to get a big payout, depending on the slot machine. Gamblers can earn free bonus games by hitting three of the same designated symbols.


Does That Mean the Slot Machines are Rigged?


The answer to whether all electronic slot machines are rigged is yes. And no. Yes, they are “rigged” to put the odds in the casino’s favor more often than the player’s favor. Casinos ARE a business, after all.


However, the slot machine is not rigged to purposely make you, personally, lose. They’re built to make everyone lose except that rare person who happens to be playing the game when the RNG’s predetermined spin hits the jackpot or a high payout.


No Such Thing As Luck at Gambling


Many people attribute their losses to “bad luck.” It’s not bad luck or good luck. It’s boring math. Statistics and Probability determine the outcome, not a game of chance. All electronic slots use computers to determine where the slot reels will stop.


Unlike slot machines, table games require some skill and strategy to help gamblers beat the House. Most online casinos, such as Poker Online, offer free coins that players can use to practice their skills on select games.


The best way to leave a casino as a winner is to set limits on how much time and money you will spend during the outing and stick to that plan. It can be very easy to convince yourself to play one more spin or five more dollars, but in the long run, the probability of you winning on that last spin is quite low.

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