Top online poker secrets no pro wants you to know

Meet the best kept poker pro secrets and use them at pokerace99. See what the most skillful players don’t want you to know.

If you think that professional poker players keep secrets for success and wins, you are not wrong at all. Just like any beginner, an average or an intermediate player, the pros have their own tricks and tactics. And of course, a pro’s secret is more valuable and useful.

But who says secrets can be kept forever? We are here to prove you that a lot of the best kept poker pro secrets can be disclosed. Here are the top online pro poker secrets the biggest gurus in the field just don’t want to share with you:

  1. Usually, it’s not about the cards at all. It’s about your position and how you will play it depending on the cards you are dealt. Of course, bluffs come to help, too. Eventually, you can actually take the entire pot.
  2. If you can bluff, do not stop bluffing. And never show anyone how you bluff. You might have a friend who shares your passion to play at pokerace99, but he shouldn’t know your bluff tactic, either. The thing is that he will repeat it. And the thing is that once another player approaches with your bluff trick, it’s no longer a trick. It doesn’t work anymore.
  3. Having a pair – including two kings or two aces – should tell you to fold in many cases. Can you recall the last time you had two aces? We bet you have raised. Or at least checked. But as a matter of fact, a pair is not such a big deal at all.
  4. The entire pot you can potentially grab in the end of the poker game – if you turn out to be the winner – actually comes from 10% of the players at the table. In short, these are the weakest players. This is why pros always start with the elimination of the least skillful poker enthusiasts.
  5. Sometimes, it’s the player who creates his or her own luck. It’s not exactly correct to claim that luck is something we get born with. Actually, everybody has some luck. It’s just not working round the whole day or round the whole year. The idea is to find out when it’s coming. And to grab it. When you miss the lucky moment once and then, for another time, you will feel you are the least lucky person in the world. But you are not. You just become the man who misses his luck.
  6. Grind is everything. If you don’t know what this mean, it’s because you are not a poker pro and you don’t know anybody who can call himself a professional poker player. A grind is a term that the biggest poker experts use. Hence, there’s nothing scientific or complicated in this term. Grind is the consistency. Grind is the educational approach in becoming a good poker player. Grind is about making small and gradual progresses daily.

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