Online video poker vs slots – are they are totally the same?

Read about the differences between lapak303 video poker games and the classical online slot machines. Find out if you fully know these popular gambling products in details.

Video poker and slot games are very popular in today’s internet gambling world. There’s no one who has never tried a slot. And we believe that these days there are a lot of experienced and beginning players who have tasted the sense of playing video poker game. However, do we really know these games, like for real and details? Let’s find out!

What is video poker and what is a slot machine?

The experienced casino players must be aware of two well-known facts in the industry. First of all, slots are the most popular casino games these days. Second, video poker games don’t just divide into Omaha and lapak303 Texas Hold Em poker, but they also have numerous formats, including video poker game. But the majority is probably not aware of the fact that these same popular slots have been made under the concept of the traditional video poker game. Video poker is very similar to slots, indeed. But those, who know that fact, are kind of mistaken thinking that they are totally the same.

Are there any differences between a slot machine and a video poker game?

There’s no just a difference. As a matter of fact, there are three specific things to use when distinguishing the old, but gold video poker with the top gambling favorite nowadays, the slot machine. Here are the differences between them:

  1. You need completely different strategies if you want to win in a slot machine, respectively in a slot. Actually, the video poker gameplay requires from the casino enthusiast to on mandatory have a strategy, while it’s not so important and on mandatory for the slot machines. Although in both games the odds are in the focus of building up a strategy, they are valued in a different way in video poker and slots.
  2. The RTP is totally different in these two games. Slots are offered in a wide variety of return to player payout rates. They claim that the average one is nearly 96%. On the other side, video poker game is well-known for its highest RTP gambling machine ever. The standard VP RTP is actually nearly 98.8%.
  3. Principally, in video poker games you cannot find a progressive jackpot. Almost 99% of the games are with fixed jackpots. This 1% represents hybrid games that indeed remind us of a video poker game play, but they also include typical features of other games, including slots. Meanwhile, slot machine market is full of products with progressive jackpots. Here’s one hack from us – the biggest video poker pros, who are actually in many cases ex Texas Hold Em or Omaga players, claim that slot lovers should avoid progressive jackpots as they are less possible to be won.

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