Loyalty Programs and Hard and Soft Benefits They Offer

Casinos offer loyalty programs with hard and soft benefits such as discounts, access to exclusive events, and upgraded amenities

Loyalty programs reward customers who frequently visit and play at casinos and thus create emotional commitment so that customers keep coming in. They reciprocate with casinos for the special treatment and rewards they get. This is how an emotional bond between a player and service provider is typically created. The two types of benefits that loyalty programs incorporate are soft and hard. Read on to learn more about them.

Hard Benefits

Hard benefits are offered in the form of economic or financial incentives and include things like complimentary hotel view upgrades, exclusive member rates, complimentary next suite upgrade, and invited guest check-in. Hotel benefits also include VIP lounge check-in, priority access to salon, spa, and pool cabanas, and guaranteed advanced reservations. In addition, there are dining benefits such as guaranteed advanced restaurant reservations, fine dining priority reservations, and dedicated lines at participating restaurants and the buffet.

Resorts also offer hard gaming benefits such as rewards points for slot games that can be redeemed for resort comps or slot credit. There are also attraction and entertainment benefits like ride discounts and exclusive ticket presales. Resorts typically offer retail and spa discounts, including fitness and spa savings, retail outlets discounts, online orders with discounts, and credits at select participating retailers. Casinos at resorts also offer gaming benefits such as rewards credit that can be redeemed for different games, whether you like poker, roulette, togel, or blackjack. Special gaming offers are also available. Other benefits for customers to enjoy include expedited withdrawals, increased deposit limits, and extended expiration for comp points and rewards points.

You will also find hard travel benefits such as complimentary annual cruises, complimentary limousine service, priority access to taxi service, and auto rental discounts.

Soft Benefits

Soft benefits help create high relationship commitment as they are social rewards that facilitate intrinsic enjoyment. They create a sense of special treatment and recognition that economic rewards do not. This is because soft benefits are more emotionally and socially oriented. Examples include exclusive access to tournaments and major events, complimentary access to VIP lounges, complimentary valet parking, and signature experiences. Players also benefit from personalized offers, invitations to entertainment and sports events, and access to dedicated VIP host and VIP support team.

It should be noted that casinos offer a combination of soft and hard benefits to appeal to different categories of players and people from all walks of life. While developing loyalty programs, they take different factors into account, including ethnicity, marital status, age, gender, income, and educational level. They target people with different income level and marital status – separated, widowed, divorced, married, and single. Offering the right combination of rewards makes it possible to attract loyal customers, whether it is special amenities, giveaways and drawings, or free table and slot play gamblers are up for.


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