Lottery Games Available around the World

Many countries allow a variety of lottery games and other betting options, including onsite and online

Lottery games come in a great variety, from more traditional versions such as the lotto to scratch-off instant games and raffles. Many countries around the world have introduced different types of lottery games and rules on how and who is allowed to play. Here are some examples from across the globe.


Several organizations administer lotteries in Canada, among which the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and Loto-Quebec. The territories and provinces allow different gaming options such as sports betting, scratch cards, and draw games. Depending on province or territory, other forms of gambling that are allowed in Canada include horse racing, slot machines, charitable gaming, casinos, online betting, and video lottery terminals. The latter can be found at liquor-licensed, age-restricted venues such as gaming centers and retailers. There is a limit to the number of terminals at different venues. Lottery tickets can also be purchased from licensed retailers or online.


Singapore Pools is an official, state-owned operator that is licensed to offer sports betting and lottery games. Players can choose from three gaming options – Singapore Sweep, pick four or 4D, and 6 out of 49 or TOTO. Sgp pools also offers sports betting options such as motor racing, horse racing, and association football. There are two options to place bets, either with cash or by opening a Singapore Pools Account.

United Kingdom

Established in 1994, the National Lottery is run by Camelot Group and regulated by the Gambling Commission. A certain percentage of its revenue goes toward charitable causes. Funds are distributed across several categories – heritage (20 percent), arts (20 percent), sport (20 percent), and charitable causes, environment, education, and health (40 percent). Charitable funding is offered to organizations that provide support to victims of domestic abuse, families and children that are suffering bereavement, homeless persons, and individuals with alcohol problems.

The types of lottery games that players can choose from include Lotto, Set for Life, Lotto Hotpicks, and EuroMillions, Thunderball, and others. EuroMillions is a type of a pan-European lottery where different countries join the draw, including Switzerland, Portugal, Luxemburg, Ireland, Belgium, and Austria. The entry fee is just £2.50 (around $3.30). Some games have been discontinued, for example, Big Draw, Lotto Plus 5, Daily Play, and Dream Number. There are different ways to play such as via the Pingit app, with a loaded account, by direct debit, and online.

Other countries in which lottery games are legal include the United States, Thailand, Spain, Mexico, Malaysia, Australia, and India. Some countries have a national lottery, examples being the Taiwan Lottery, Mark Six in Hong Kong, Lotto India, and Superloto in Belarus. Some states such as Israel have a national lottery but other forms of gambling are illegal. Games that can be legally played include Keno, Chance, and the flagship lottery.

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