Here’s how St. Valentine’s Day might affect your poker experience

See how St. Valentine’s Day might bring lots of changes and important factors in Situs Poker Online for you. Find out what’s going to be different in gambling on the 14th of February right away.

You might think that St. Valentine’s Day celebrations have nothing to do with your favorite Situs Poker Online and your gambling activity, but here’s what – you are totally wrong. Like most of the widely spread across the whole world holidays, the day we celebrate love among the whole world can affect your poker passion. Wondering how? Here’s what – we are about to explain you in details and by giving you a couple of example.

Find out how St. Valentine’s Day might affect your poker experience this year (just like last year, by the way):

  1. You might miss a tournament of your life. What do you choose – poker or love? Ok, you are not ready and in a mood to make such a choice, but your girlfriend simply does not think so. She will refuse waiting for your tournament to end to appear in the fancy restaurant she’s been waiting to visit for an entire month.
  2. Due to the massive celebration of the holiday, the poker rooms might be a bit emptier as usual. We don’t claim that couples are more than singles. We just believe that there are a lot of married people who play poker on a regular basis and they might be absent on the 14th of February.
  3. On the other side, your current Situs Poker Online might release a specially tailored bonus for the holiday. Bookmakers and casino providers love offering new promotions on special days, including holidays like St. Valentine’s Day, so if you are single, you will still be able to get a dessert…
  4. According to the statistics there’s a certain percentage of single people who when getting in a negative mood due to the St. Valentine’s Day decide to try something new. Many of these new activities are based in the internet and gambling is a very popular choice. What we try to tell you is that even though with fewer active players, those poker tables you see and find empty might be winning for you as many novices will be sitting there.
  5. If you decide not to make any choices, but instead, take it all, because the winners takes it all, you might make a mistake. Let’s consider you don’t want to disappoint your girlfriend, but meanwhile, you are not about to miss a great poker tournament. If the tournament is before your love date, then, ok. However, if you return at home and sit on your PC to play some poker after all those glasses of wine you had, your drunken mind will not take you to a win at all.

So, what it’s going to be – to poker, or not to poker at St. Valentine’s Day?

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