Decoding All The Ways Of Viewing The Marked Cards

Now that you are ready to play with the marked cards, how do you want to view the same? Here are a few options to pick from for your next poker game.


You may have heard of the marked cards and might want to try them out too. The next time you visit your local club for a game of poker, try using such cards. The early versions of these marked cards had a few dots or designs to differentiate them from the other cards. But then people realized that the casinos and clubs are becoming aware of these cheating devices.

This has led to the use of invisible ink to create luminous and ultra-luminous marked cards. To view these cards, you require special devices. What are these, and which one should you use? Let us check them out.

Infrared Contact Lenses

Look for using infrared lenses because they can easily identify the type of marked cards. The modern cards using invisible ink will require you to use these lenses. Using 600 to 730 spectrum on the lenses, you can get a clear picture. The luminous cards are made with green ink, and hence the cards get a red light. The best way to view this red-colored invisible ink would not be via naked eyes. You will find it easy to place or wear infrared contact lenses. Moreover, these lenses would give you a discreet look, and no one will be able to spot them.

Perspective Sunglasses

These are the second-best option to view the marked cards. They are not as discreet because it will raise suspicion. Today, club owners are cautious. They note when a player is getting luckier consecutively. This is why today, when they see anyone becoming too lucky to be true, they keep a close watch. In that case, wearing a pair of sunglasses inside the dark club will be only confirming their doubts. But all said, you have the option of using the UV Black traditional sunglasses with a nerdy look. They look like aviators and are less attention-seeking. This has helped people to use and win matches. They help in easy viewing of the marked cards.


The hotel managers use this technique to see if the linen is clean or not. The only thing you need to do is to use this as a wand, and the invisible ink will shine wherever you spot it. You cannot use this blacklight without inviting attention. Certainly, in a club where people are already watching you, you can’t go using this blacklight. But the blacklight is effective to help you practice spotting the marked cards if you are practicing the game at home.


There are filters available, and they can be put on any regular sunglasses. These will give the glasses a mirror tint of blue or green. It will, therefore, help give you an idea of marking.

Make sure to use the best methods as per the situation and go on a winning streak. These are the best and the most innocuous ways to view the marked cards as you play the cards and take home the winning amount.

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