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To all toto hk players, please read our set of the top myths you should stop believing in. These lottery myths are finally debunked.

Dear lottery lovers, we do understand that you feel no need to read any materials regarding this specific form of gambling – the lottery game – but you have to keep reading. Indeed, unlike the poker enthusiasts, who must regularly update their soft skills or the blackjack players, who are forced to become better and better in order to register more wins, you don’t need so much preparation or a necessity to improve. That’s true.

But you know what’s not true? All of the following facts! There is such a big misunderstanding about lottery games. Yes, we are not kidding. It seems that a lot of lottery players keep buying lottery tickets or play toto hk in the internet without even understanding that they are not fully aware of what lottery is and how it works.

So please, take some time of your precious lottery entertainment hour and read the next lines. Within them we will present you some of the top common lottery myths:

  1. Absolutely all winners quit their job. And as a lottery player you must be right now dreaming of buying the winning lottery ticket and quit your job forever. But before that – and we wish you will have such a chance, to win in the lottery – we must tell you something. First of all, not all of the lottery winners quit their jobs. And second of all, those who do, eventually become poor for plenty of years. You know why? Because the lottery jackpot win is usually spent within a year!
  2. It is more possible to be killed by lighting rather than to win in the lottery. Actually, the stats say the contrary – it is more possible to win in the lottery. And it is even more possible to win in the lottery rather than getting pregnant with twins three times in your life or to access Louvre in Paris first early in Saturday morning if you wake up after 10 am.
  3. The majority of the lottery players are poor people. Actually, this is not true at all. Most of the poor people don’t even believe in the lottery. They don’t buy tickets, because 80% of them claim that the lottery winners are preliminary set by the lottery providers. Plus – there is a big bunch of celebrities who have won in the lotteries, such as Madonna, for example.
  4. Lottery is good only to the winners. Or in other words, a lot of people still think that only the jackpot winners benefit from the lottery. Nothing like that. The toto hk online lottery websites should pay some percentage of the win to the lottery game provider. So does the lottery provider to the supermarket where the winner entered to buy a ticket. All lottery advertisers also benefit from the lottery. So do the manufacturers of the paper for the lottery tickets and even the delivery company that brings the tickets to the stores.

No, dear lottery lovers, these things are not true! They are just myths!

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