Win Two Tickets to MagFest 2012 by Joining The “Share Us” Contest

Welcome, BaltimoreGamers, to December, the month of giving! It has been a long year of great indie games, events, cons, music shows, etc. So, to end the year with a bang, we will be giving away two tickets to Magfest 2012 featuring special guest Nobuo Uematsu, composer of the scores for the Final Fantasy series. To be honest we needed a cheap way to build our fan base on Twitter and Facebook.

There were three elements that had to be included in the contest: Allow for new and old members to participate, require users to work with their friends, and to have fun! After a long discussion and many nights of empty coffee mugs (we work hard around here) why not let our readers do this for us. See how much we care about our community! We introduce you to our first ever “Share Us” contest. That’s it! All you have to do is simple “Share Us” with a friend.

Okay maybe we lied a bit, but here are the Rules.

  1. Have a Facebook or Twitter account
  2. You must “Like” us on Facebook or “Follow Us” via Twitter
  3. After you have done one or the other (Or both) from step (2) you simply tell a friend to “Like Us” on Facebook or “Follow Us” on Twitter.
  4. After your so-called friend  “Like Us” on Facebook or “Follows Us” via Twitter, he/she MUST leave a comment on our Facebook page or send us a tweet reply, or both, telling us that they were introduced to BaltimoreGamer by YOU.

For example: “My name is Jane Doe! And I was introduced by John Doe”.

Twitter example: @BaltimoreGamer “My name is Jane Doe! And I was introduced by John Doe”.

Here is our example scenario:

  1. Bob Doe has a Facebook page where he “Liked” BaltimoreGamer’s Fan Page
  2. Bob Doe told Sarah Doe to “Like” BaltimoreGamer and she did!
  3. Now, Sarah Doe being an awesome new Fan leaves a comment on BaltimoreGamer’s Fan page like so: “My name is Sarah Doe! And I was introduced by Bob Doe”.
  4. Must Leave Full Name!

WOW! That was easy. Now Bob has 1 entry into the contest. If Bob tells two more friends to like BaltimoreGamer and leave a comment, he will have 3 entries in the contest.

The fun does not stop there! If Bob has a Facebook and Twitter with 3 friends each who have liked or followed BaltimoreGamer and left comments that he introduced them, Bob’s entries double to SIX! Hooray for Bob.

Now, what about Sarah and all the new people who were introduced to BaltimoreGamer via Facebook or Twitter you ask? Well, they can repeat the process for themselves! Isn’t that great? If Bob got six friends to mention him and Sarah was able to get ten, than Bob will have to catch up! But, If Sarah has ten and her friend Alex countered by introducing twelve than both Bob and Sarah will have to catch up.

Whew I’m winded! Simply put, the person who can get the most people to mention his/her name on our Facebook pages, Twitter pages or both will have the most entries. More entries equal more chances to win. The contest starts NOW! And ends December 13th  at 12am. Good luck BaltimoreGamers and Happy Sharing!

Leave any comments and questions below.