And The Winner Is…..

BaltimoreGamer’s Winner of the “Share Us” contest is Meghan Ventura! Here is what she said after she found out.

Now that BaltimoreGamer will be sending you to your first Magfest, How do you feel?
So psyched. I love going to gaming events. (PAX East is probably one of my favorite weekends every year.) I’ve been told MAGFest is like the Woodstock of gaming events. I can’t wait!

What do you look forward to the most at Magfest 2012?
More like what don’t I look forward to? :) It’ll be great to have the chance to see Nobuo Uematsu or voice actors Ellen McLain and John Lowrie. MAGFest has some great guests lined up. I always like going to panels and meeting other gamers and devs from the area, too. (p.s. if you’re going to MAGFest, tweet at me!)

Who will you take with that second ticket?
My boyfriend Dan, who will be back from grad school in Hawaii for the weekend. Good timing!

How did you convince your friends to help you? Any special pitches?
Nope. My friends and family are just pure awesome. I know good people.

Was the BaltimoreGamer “Share Us” contest fun? Would you do it again?
Yeah, it was fun seeing who else was interested in MAGfest and who came through to enter me in the contest. For the right prize (*coughpaxeastticketscough*), I’d probably try this again.