A Preview of Tigercon 2011

I got a chance to sit down with Mykeal Spivey and Catherine Cronin, chair and co-chair of Tigercon, to get the inside scoop on the upcoming anime convention. Tigercon will be held on December 3rd at Towson University’s West Village Commons from 10am to 10pm. And guess what! It’s free.

Towson’s very first Tigercon was held in 2008, although the planning began way beforehand. When the idea was first brought up by the president of the time, the other members of the club did little more than laugh. “And then suddenly it happened,” Mykeal recalled. “And it was successful.” Although it’s hard to predict, they are expecting between 500 and 600 guests at this year’s convention. Pre-registration is not necessary to gain entry, but they are encouraging attendees to register through the website so they can have an accurate headcount.

Tigercon is being hosted by the Towson Anime Club, but is also sponsored by the SGA, CAB, and EMF departments, allowing the students running the convention to plan for big things. The Geek Comedy Tour, a touring comedy troupe from DC, will be performing their famous nerdy standup with jokes about video games, comics, and anime. They will also be hosting several musical guests including Reni Mimura, a cute cosplay pop singer from New York, and The Asterplace, a J-Rock band from New York. There will also be a local musical guest and local dance troupe performing.

There will be three full ballrooms for main events, video games, and vendors/artists. There will be Magic: The Gathering, board games, and video games courtesy of Magfest available at the convention. There will also be two screening rooms for anime movies and episodes in both subbed and dubbed. Hey, don’t hate on the dubs! The staff of Tigercon wants to give anime newbies and kids something to enjoy, as well. You can expect to see new animes as well as vintage animes, and at least one Studio Ghibli film. They will also be showing Scott Pilgrim. There will also be panels and workshops available at the convention.

Tigercon Staff

A professional photographer will have panel space and be available to photograph cosplayers at the con, so be sure to get your costume together and looking top-notch (but remember that Tigercon has a no weapons policy, prop or otherwise). Photos will be available for free online after the convention.“We’re a really relaxed con… We’re students!” Mykeal explained. “We don’t want to be entirely uptight about anything. We just want this to be something small and free and local.” But with guests coming from New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, “local” may not be totally accurate. And when asked about their fears with this convention right around the corner? “The projectors blowing up!” Catherine said.Please come out on December 3rd (and remember to leave your cosplay weapons at home) and support this local, student-run convention. Catherine and Mykeal are doing an amazing job putting together what is sure to be a convention with lots of fun and something for everyone. Look for the schedule of events to be released around a week before the convention. There are still open spots for volunteers to help with the convention.

To register for the convention, please visit: http://tigercon.wordpress.com/