Big Huge Games Never Before Seen Holiday Video

Days after Curt Schilling announced the closing of 38 studios and Big Huge Games we found this posted video giving everyone a glimpse into the amazing and talented staff of Big Huge Games. Keeping this post short, enjoy the video!

From the former social media manager:

So…a lot you know I have been serving as the 38 Studios Social Media Manager for the past year. One of the many hats I wore in this position was to produce community facing media (videos/screenshots). Well…we had a great idea to do this awesome holiday video at the Baltimore studio for the growing community surrounding “Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.” However, in the end it was decided the video was just too crazy for public consumption.

With the recent events regarding 38 Studios and the employee layoffs, it seems more than appropriate to now give you a closer look at the remarkable (and ridiculously insane) team behind Reckoning. I have never seen a more talented, passionate, tight-nit group of creative individuals, and will always remember the magic reverberating inside those walls. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.